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Lydia has practiced yoga for over 15 years. She left her previous occupation as a liberal studies teacher in an elite secondary school in Hong Kong in 2013 to become a full time yoga teacher. In her previous role she taught students critical thinking and developing their sense of self-empowerment; a theme which she prioritised in her yoga teaching in founding “Liberty in Yoga”. 

Her Bachelor’s Degree in Cultural Studies and Master’s Degree in Linguistics are used in her teaching in developing awareness in her students of the influences and root cause of their thoughts and emotions. She takes yoga beyond posture practice to awaken students to the sources of their struggles and find peace in the chaotic modern world. 

Lydia studied both her YTT200 and YTT300 at the YogaPrasad Institute in India which trains yoga teachers across the world. The focus of the training is “Transform yourself, inspire others.” Using the limbs of yoga as tools to bring about peace and harmony in practitioner through self-transformation. She also studied prenatal and postnatal yoga teaching programme at Yoga London.

From teaching full time in Hong Kong, Lydia’s move to the UK in 2016 to be with her husband has meant a change to her life pattern. She has found people in Hong Kong have a similar lifestyle to people in London, including high-pressure working environments, squashed journeys on public transport and an apparent lack of time. As an experienced registered yoga teacher (E-RYT500) and as a former secondary school teacher, she is professional to observe the students' individual needs and to tailor classes for them whether that be stress relief, rehabilitation or enhanced sports performance. This means group classes are small so that her attention is focussed. 

Lydia’s authenticity and cheerfulness was felt in her Hong Kong students, who generally came to her through word of mouth. Most importantly in her teaching is the element of light-hearted playfulness in a class; and she finds that laughter is the best way to really test your balance and breathing technique. 

With a new family focus in her life she is personally faced with juggling of her life roles and is seeking students who are looking to make this life balancing act easier for themselves.

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"To engage yourself in actions with a steady mind; To abandon attachments and be undisturbed in success and failure. This equanimity is called Yoga"

Bhagavad Gita

Chapter 2, Verse 48

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