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Round up "Reconnect and Ground" with pelvis stabilisation inspired by Patanjali's Yoga

Hi Everyone,

This week we will round up the theme "Reconnect and Ground". We will focus on core and gluteus strengthening (ground: stabilize our pelvis).

Last week, we worked on how to ground our feet and how to feel the range of motion in our shoulder joints and hip sockets. If you missed our class, don't worry, come this week and get the previous notes. We will do some quick revision in class.

Your notes are ready! My Indian teacher, Prasad Rangnekar’s point of view on Asana (posture practice) is included this time, which is a wonderful round up for the theme “Reconnect and Ground” inspired by Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. As we have now covered this topic briefly, we can now move on to our next theme “Balance, Clarity and Focus” in August.

Our themes follow our package format, varying in length depending on the depth of topic. If you can't join a package, please do come along as you can still benefit from the essence of the theme.

I recommend taking advantage of our 3 promotions:

1. Six for Five class package £60 (6 classes in 8 weeks);

2. Introduce-a-friend: Introduce a friend to the package and get One FREE class; or join a package with a friend and get One FREE class each.

3. Bring your little one with you. School holiday is coming, taking care of your beloved ones won't be the reason to stop your practice with us. Please bring them along for NO Extra Charge. Please let me know before class so I can prepare something for our little yogis.

There are 6 mats and some blocks provided, please make a request in the booking if you would like to use them. They are allocated on first-come-first served basis. (Bring your own mats, other yoga props and water bottle are very welcomed and encouraged)

Book Now, click HERE

See you in class!

Drop-in: £12; Concession: £10

Also, we are planning to open a prenatal yoga class in Anerley, Crystal Palace, Norwood, Penge, Sydenham or Forest Hill during Weekday Daytime. Please feel free to contact me to suggest the time and location you prefer. Thanks!

If you have any further question, please don't hesitate to contact me, email or whatsapp (07749 32 43 57) Thanks!

Look forwards to seeing you in class and practice together!

Have a nice weekend!

Cheers, Lydia

Your yoga teacher and listener

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