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How do you manage your stress?

Hi Everyone,

How are you? Hope you are enjoying the cloudy rainy week.

In the past several weeks, I mentioned the phrase “Acceptance & Surrender” at the beginning of the class, why is this reminder important in our yoga practice?

Before getting an answer to this, let’s first think about stress, the root cause of stress and how stress causes physical issues.

Expectation from ourselves or the others? Too much projection, the desire of wanting to be like the others? Impatience? Fear? Anxiety?

Please understand that our body condition reflects our mind and vice versa.

If we can reprogram how to move our body i.e. range of motion, speed, attitude… After a period of dedicated mindful practice, we can see not just our body has changed, but also our mind has become more positive, cheerful, peaceful and resilient.

Some people may ask can we just reprogram how we think to solve the physical issue? Logically, we could, if managing our mind was as easy and as tangible as managing our body. This is why I recommend to modifying the way we act rather than the way we think, it is less abstract.

The body can be a mirror of our lifestyle and mindset, have you even seen a low self-esteem person, an ambitious person, an anxious person or a happy person? How do they move their eyebrows? How are their shoulder and back postures? How is their breathing pattern (shallow/ deep/ heavy/ effortless)?

Create better body movement; Build more body awareness; Reform our perspectives; Shape our attitudes.

If you would like to experience this transformation, let’s practice together on Wednesday Morning 09:30 at Anerley Town Hall. See you in Class.


Your yoga teacher and listener,



Promotions and Class Fee:

1. Six for Five class package £60 (6 classes in 8 weeks);

2. Introduce-a-friend: Introduce a friend to the package and get One FREE class; or join a package with a friend and get One FREE class each.

3. Bring your little one with you. School holiday is coming, taking care of your beloved ones won't be the reason to stop your practice with us. Please bring them along for NO Extra Charge. Please let me know before class so I can prepare something for our little yogis.

Drop-in: £12; Concession: £10 (please mention your concession requirement in the booking form)

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