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How to take a real summer break?

Have you ever had an experience which is resting on the couch doing nothing, but the mind is spinning with something which can't bring you peace and rest?

Have you ever had an experience which is being so happy at a party, but the silence and aloneness after the party made you very uncomfortable?

Have you ever thought about why?

To help answer these questions, I would like to explain why we emphasise the importance of regular mindfulness movement practice in yoga class.

  1. We can’t expect to sit still and withdraw from our hyperactive urban life within a click. However we can use steady movement with mindful breathing to build awareness and slow down our pace to get closer to a peaceful and restful state.

2. It takes time to bring a lasting feeling of calm and peace. At the beginning, we feel relaxed and peaceful in the yoga class, but come back to the old pattern after class. However, the longer we regularly practice yoga, the easier it becomes to stay in calm and peace, because we are building up the positive and calm pattern to replace the old one.

3. Why should we come to a yoga class and not just practice at home? Actually, both practices are important, the practice at home is about self-discipline and regulating our mind. Generally speaking, practice in class involves less distractions compared with the practice at home (it depends :P). More importantly, being in class allows us to share the understanding and realisations we have in life, sharing questions about the practice and support each other in a safe and non-competitive space. This is why we always say that in being a yogi, there are ‘3S’ that are very important to us. “Sadanha", the self-disciplined practice at home and in life

“Sangha”, the community, the supporting circle of like-minded people

“Seva", the service, share what you have learnt and practice to benefit the others. There is a more radical and impressive quote from a my favourite master Ramana Maharshi “Your own Self-Realisation is the greatest service you can render the world” Thus, don't underestimate the value of working on ourselves.

This may help in appreciating why our class is not 60 minutes long: We need time to settle ourselves before we dive into the practice, we need time to interact in the practice and we need time to rest after practice:)

Let’s have a REAL summer BREAK! Please see the new arrangement as follows, changes according to your feedback. Namaste <3

Class starts at 10:35-11:50am (75 min) INTRODUCTORY class: £8

Pass (Valid in 8 weeks)

£30/ 3 Classes

£50/ 6 Classes

Single class Drop-in: £12

Please click HERE to book your spot!

If there are any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact me. See you in Class!

Your yoga teacher and Listener,


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