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What is Yoga? How to practice Yoga?

Hi Everybody,

Have we ever looked into what yoga is about or what it means traditionally? Have we ever found the way to practice the real value or meaning of yoga? How?

We have often heard about yoga related to mindfulness, awareness and consciousness. How to practice it? Can we just practice Asana (posture practice) to achieve it?

According to Goraksha Paddhati, the influential master in 11 Century, one of the criteria of being a true yogi is to have a proper understanding of Shodasha Adhara. This is very important to the asana practice as well.

Shodasha means sixteen. Adheres means “points that hold”. These 16 points or region in the body where the gross and subtle links of the body are the strongest. These 16 points are from our big toes to our forehead.

Focusing on these 16 points to helps us to improve our ability to expand and contract the body and our proprioception. As the awareness of body increases, proprioception widens and a beautiful mind-body integration is sensed in asana and pranayama (breathing) practice. From the asana point of view, being aware of the 16 regions is an important practice for deepening awareness, sensitivity and bio feedback which can have direct impact on the quality of our daily life.

I am looking forward to the coming classes to explore and explain more on these 16 regions.

Please feel free to ask further questions and discuss in class.

Please be reminded the changes to time and pricing as follows:

Class starts at 9:45-11:00am (75 min)


Pass (Valid in 8 weeks)

£30/ 3 Classes

£50/ 6 Classes

Single class Drop-in: £12

Please click HERE to book your spot!

See you on the mat!

Have a great week ahead!

Your Yoga Teacher and Listener,


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