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How do I see marriage/ wedding anniversary

Thanks for all the cards and best wishes from friends and family. To me, I won't see anniversary celebration is just an excuse to have some fun or spoil ourselves. To me, it means two main things. Without them, the romance and sweetness is empty and unsustainable.

1. It is a ritual of gratitude. Not just be grateful to the partner for their love, dedication, effort and reflection on the relationship, but also, thanks to myself for doing the same too. Only when it is balance, it is sustainable. How to make it balance? Except asking universe to drop us a "perfect" partner, the most important thing is "self-love", if we don't love ourself first, we are just a terribly demanding and/ or attention seeking partner. Or, we are just a self-denying person, we just close the door and say NO to the "perfect" one. A lot of people ask "Where is my Mr/ Mrs Right?" However, have you ever asked yourself "Am I ready to be the other's Mr/ Mrs right?"

2. It is a ritual of resetting our perspective. When the couple gets married, it is always sweet and full of imagination, always "Happily ever after" thingy. However, no matter how perfectly matched you two are, how romantic your relationship is, when it comes to real life, there are always some differences from background, culture, lifestyle, values... Also, when there are stress and struggles in day to day life and work, your perspective somehow changes a bit, when the glamour has gone, how to authentically and lovingly live together. Thus, the anniversary is always a good time to let the couple remember why they chose to spend the rest of their life together, what you like/ love him/ her about (but when time passed, it becomes your dislike...) Anniversary is always the time to allow the couple to pick up the sweetness and be in love again. In good time or less good time; in sweetness or bitterness, the couple is still remembering and aligning with their vows in the wedding. I always remember what we said in the ceremony "I give you this ring today as a token of my love; May it circle your finger as my love circles your heart; With this ring I take you as my life’s companion, friend and only love"

Thanks to our dears for being there to witness our precious moment.

#gratitude #traditionalvalue #awareness #mindfulness #SelfLove #Marriage

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