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Let's talk about Warrior I, high lunge & low lunge. What are the details we can work on?

Let's talk about Warrior I, high lunge & low lunge. It looks "easy", but still a lot of #details we can work on.

Normally, in warrior I slightly outwardly rotate the back leg and let the back heel ground on the mat, or toes on the back leg point to the front and heel off the mat. Of course, don't forget squaring your hip.

However, if we would like to contract our #gluteus and lengthens our #iliopsoas more, I would suggest putting the heel on the back leg on a block, keep the toes pointing to the front, straighten the back knee contracting the gluteus.

No matter in Warrior I, low lunge or high lunge, please engage the #lowerabdominal to avoid over arching the lower back, always try to lengthen the #lumbar spine instead of compressing. If you would like to intensify the lengthening on your iliopsoas, then, let your arms up, but not to tense your shoulders up.

Finally, always say hello to your front #knee, see if it is #aligned with your hip joint and ankle, avoid leaning the front knee inwards or outwards. In this #wednesday #morningyogaclass , I am going to talk about why we work on Iliopsoas & gluteus in class, I will share various poses for working on them.

#seeyouinclass tomorrow at Antenna Studios 10:35-11:50am If you would like to know more, please stay tuned to my post, I will upload more information after class 😊

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