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Yoga posture practice is called Asana, but what does it mean?

Yoga is not just posture practice (Asana), it is a holistic system to guide us towards unconditional bliss.

It provides ways of living and demonstrates attitudes towards life which guide us to unconditional bliss.

In the modern world, asana is misunderstood as Yoga itself, actually, asana is just the tip of the big yoga iceberg. Meanwhile, a lot of modern beings pursuit extreme postures or newly invented trendy "types" of yoga.

I would like to share the word Asana is actually mean "To sit; To be" , it means asana prepares us to be able to sit still in meditation effortlessly.

To archive this, we need to build certain mobility and stability.

To be, that means we are at ease in different circumstances and traditional postures. Not pushing ourselves, it's nothing to do with the pursuit of doing headstand or handstand, wearing bikini to do a yoga pose or drinking beer in asana practice.

Wish us all a peaceful restful Sunday❤️

See you in class on Wednesday morning at Antenna Studios as usual.

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