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Let's look at the subtle anatomy from the traditional hatha point of view, Shodasha Adhara (16 A

In the past few weeks, we talked about Shodasha Adhara (16 Adharas). Adharas means "points that hold" These points are points or regions in the body where gross and subtle links of the body are the strongest. By performing some typical exercises related to concentration, expansion and contraction, fixing of vision (gaze) etc. The yogi gets many benefits especially with regards to deeper understanding of physical as well as subtle body. The awareness of body increase, proprioception widens and a beautiful experience mind-body integration is sensed in asana and pranayama practice. From the asana point of view being aware of 16 points is an important practice for deepening awareness, sensitivity and bio feedback. We, in our asana practice use the 16 adheres as an important aspect of practice.

The 16 points are as follows: - The big toes - Root Chakra (coccyx) - Anus - Penis/ vagina - Pubic symphysis - Navel centre - Heart Chakra - Throat - The root of the tongue - The top of the tongue - The tip of the tongue - Third Eye (Space between eyebrows) - The tip of the nose - The root of the nose - Forehead - The top of the head

Again, thanks for coming today, see you at Antenna Studios next Wednesday as usual 10:35-11:50am .

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