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Happy Winter Solstice, "Drop the past; Embrace Now"

Happy Winter Solstice, It is a significant day for spiritual path, or I should say for those who are working on themselves. Before I explain why, I would like to share the #intention of our practice yesterday. "Drop the past; Embrace Now" Let this intention be our #mantra to finish 2017, #centered ourselves, be in the #present to form a #conscious year ahead! If you would like to know more why #wintersolstice and why this intention. Please read this post! Merry Christmas & Happy New year. See you in class on 3 Jan 2018 in Antenna Studios 10:35-12:00am

Why drop the past? Sometimes, we keep telling the others how our former bosses, friends or partners treated us badly, it can be our comfort zone to make ourselves feel good that we are the one “not calculating”, we are the one “sacrificing” and so on…however, it is not helpful for increasing our true bliss now or in the future. On another hand, what if the past is good, why drop it? Because the true permanent nature is impermanence, if we are attached to the good thing, once we lose it, we suffer. It doesn't mean we shouldn’t celebrate, we do celebrate, only because of the gratitude comes from the bottom of our heart, but not because of showing off, attachment or feeling good to own it. Let’s get back to the meaning of winter solstice. It is the rebirth of Sun, God, Goddess and soul, it's time to let go and transform. Now, you know why this intention is related to winter solstice. As I am a Hongkonger, let me talk about it from Chinese cultural perspective, it is the day to unite with family and reward the effort after a year, the family sits together to have a big feast to celebrate. It is a moment to be physically together and to reunite. It is very similar to the meaning from the spiritual point of view. In winter time, trees are bare, animals are in hibernation, all of nature is slowing down in order to regenerate. We are part of the nature even though we live in urban city, we should follow the same track and conserve our energy for a move forward. After the winter solstice, it is time to move at a slower pace and not to rush. After “hibernation”, we take a pause, take it slow and check in with where we are, check if our works and actions are aligned with where we would like to be. Let’s take this opportunity to have a look at our inner world and our outer actions and works. It is a turning point to wind up the past one year, in other words, it’s a moment for cleansing, time to check and accept any painful emotions or past regrets that need to be cleared. After a deep cleansing, our head and our heart are clear enough to take responsibility for the direction of our own life, but remember, don't put too many things on your plate in one go. Take one small grounded step at a time, allow our life unfold slowly, listen to our heart and be adventurous in our new cycle.

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